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Wow what an amazing weekend as usual, top teachers, great lessons , lovely tunes and a wonderful venue. Huge thank you, you guys are amazing. Just can't wait for next year boot camp.Diana Snell

Westie Bootcamp South

It has been the most enjoyable holiday of my life..... One that I will never forget. Thank you John and Marianne and everyone for being so kind and gentle with me❤️

WCS Dance Holiday, Hanioti

Barbara Sardu

As weeks go…. This has been one of the BEST 9 day week ever - we’ll all meet again …

WCS Dance Holiday, Hanioti

Maureen Ojeda

What a weekend! Had some great dances, watched some great dances, ate good food, made some new friends, catched up with old friends and had a good old party!  Special thank you to the pro's who didn't stop dancing with us all and being so welcoming and inspiring ☺️

Westie Bootcamp SOUTH

So that’s the 1st post Covid dance weekender done and dusted! And wow!  What a fabulous one!!

Westie Bootcamp South

Belinda Burton - 2021

Yes, wonderful event. I loved every single class I attended this weekend (and I took all I could. Great idea to have the title of the classes mentioned before hand, and the fact that it was all flowing and building up from one to the next. Intensive was super interesting.

Social dances was super amazing, best one I had in a very, very long time.

Titis Karweni

UK EU Champs

Absolutely marvellous. Never had such a group of people get on so well together. Thank u everyone.xx

WCS Dance Holiday, Hanioti

Judith Cain

What a fab weekend!!! 
It has been 83weeks since my last weekender! And wow I didn't realise how much I had missed it!  My stamina is low but my happiness is high! 

Westie Bootcamp South

Chloe Emma - 2021