Upcoming Intensive Events

Take your dancing to the next level with an intensive workshop hosted by Jive Addiction.

Usually run as part of a Dance Weekender, these Intensives will have you working with world-class dance coaches for the whole day or an entire weekend. Hone your skills, get a great workout and meet loads of other dances in these exciting inspirational workshops.

We normally run the Intensive sessions during the day, with social dancing and a party atmosphere in the evenings. We hold classes and workshops in everything from Modern Jive to West Coast Swing to Argentine Tango, so take a look at the upcoming Intensive sessions and see which style you'd like to work on more.

Robert Royston and Brandi Guild Intensives These Intensives will take place during the UK & EU WCS Championships 2018. The first time ever Robert and Brandi taught their Intensives outside of the US, was at the European Swing Challenge in October 2017 - feedback was incredible! These...


5–9 Apr 2018


Beaumont Estate Hotel


£100 pp


6 hour Novice/Intermediate Intensive
6 hour Advanced/Allstar Intensive